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Have you ever thought about an app that can help you download 100% working modded .apk apps and games? In retrospect, it was really undoable; but these days, thanks to the cutting-edge technological breakthroughs, nothing is impossible. If you are suspecting, you need to read the following details about this out-of-this-world app - Happy Mod.

Happy Mod is an application particularly designed for Android. The key feature of this app is to bring users the opportunity to download all modified or mod versions of apps and games. It is not tough to control this app as it features the design as the Google Play Store

Thanks to Happy Mod, you can see the true rating of a game, comprehend what works and even how many modification versions each game or app has. By dint of this, you can choose the versions that are highly appreciated topping the first rank or being recommended for you according to the figures of user ratings.


  • 100% working: 

    You can believe in Happy Mod as all apps and games have to experience the careful and tricky processes of selecting, censoring, checking, and approving before appearing in the library of Happy Mod. Well-trained technicians and employees are responsible for this, there is no appearance of robots during the process.

  • Games come with Unlimited Tokens

    Have you ever experienced irritating, frustrating when you have to make the purchase of coins, watch ads for a long time or even wait for unlimited hours to earn them? Not only does it adversely affect the emotion during relaxing, but it also relieves your interest in your favorite games or apps.

    However, when it comes to Happy Mod, you will never face these things, you will possess various tokens to make in-game purchases.

  • Skip Levels

    In the normal version of game, you have to struggle with all levels. if you want to level up, you need to pass the previous one. this is the reason why some people may give up the game because they do not figure out the best solutions to fight challenging levels. With the support of Happy Mod, you can kip these tough levels, moving to others that you show a greater preference.

  • Request Apps

    It is not hard for you to find the best-modded app that they have a keen interest in on Happy Mod. Because you can send an app request to the admin. within seconds, you will receive a notification about the current status of this app or the notification when the mod is completely ready. Thus, be not afraid, the world of apps will e within your hands. 

  1. You need to enter the name of the game or the app that you prefer to download in the search bar on Happy Mod.



  2. There are various results on your screen including the relevant results and the best-modded version of the game or app. You can click the Download Button

  3. After completing the download process, you need to confirm

  4. The icon of this app will appear on your screen on the desktop. At this time, you can experience playing games or using your favorite apps.

Mod .apk includes modified .apk and downloading process is not illegal. However, you need to be careful that it might do harm to your smartphone or other devices as it may contain backdoors in the mod .apk You can avoid this problem thanks to comparing the permissions of mod.apk with real application permission on Playstore. if they are the same, there is no problem occurring with the downloading process.

There are various games and apps in the HappyMod that are completely safe for your Android devices to download. They have to pass the tricky censoring process with a careful virus-checking step before being listed in HappyMod. Thus, HappyMod has no virus or not working like a virus.

 Happy Mod is a modded .apks store featuring a variety of the latest apps and games versions with super fast download speed.

Thus, HappyMod is the best comprehensive source of modded files where you can download without free and completely safe.  


There are plenty of games and apps without fees for people from four corners of the world. Anyone can go to this app to have the perfect experience during relaxing while playing games or browsing the Internet. 

You will immerse yourself in the world of entertainment while using this app to download your favorite games and apps. It will be a perfect choice for you to relieve all stress after working flat out or cramping for books 


There is no fee to install and download HappMod. Also, you have no need to pay any extra fees during playing games or using apps in the market on HappyMod.


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